Salone Internazionale dell'Umorismo 2022

The Retrospective

Welcome to the Salone!

We find ourselves after a few years with the same enthusiasm and desire to start over! The participation of the humorists is extraordinary both in physical and virtual presence. We have created this page to facilitate your stay in Bordighera with suggestions and indications. You can always contact the I.A.T., the Tourist Office for all eventualities.


The world of the automobile yesterday and today - Online version

The program

Inauguration in the presence of authorities and humorists. Ribbon cutting, short presentation and tour of the exhibition. Refreshment in the garden.
Presentation of the essay by Paola Biribanti "Palms, dates and laughter - a history of the International Humor Exhibition in Bordighera from 1947 to today" Ed. Graphe. Presentation by Paolo Lingua.
27 AUGUST AT 12:30
Convivial and informal meeting of humorists at the local Chez Louis in Bordighera.  Humorists meet the population at the Graphe stand as part of the Bordighera Book Festival.

The Location

The former Anglican Church, recently restored, is the ideal location for the Salone: it is in fact located in the center but slightly away from the Aurelia traffic. Furthermore, it is not only adjacent to the famous Palazzo del Parco, which for decades was the seat, office, laboratory and theater of our events, but also a short distance from Corso Italia, the real center of Bordighera with its Chez Louis restaurant where you can they held the convivial meetings of the humorists.

The building was built in 1863 and with the gardens it is part of the properties protected by the Superintendence for Architectural and Landscape Heritage of Liguria.

The complex is surrounded by a magnificent garden which prepares for the visit. A refreshment point allows a short break between the full-height reproductions of the characters of Cavandoli, Jacovitti, Mordillo, Peynet and Quino which will provide opportunities for selfies!


Engaged in the finalization of the exhibition, we wish to inform all those who have an interest in visiting us that the "hot" days not only for the weather will be 26 and 27 August when the book by Paola Biribanti will be presented and to be followed by a convivial meeting between humorists and friends of the Salone.

Please register at the I.A.T. next to the entrance to the Palazzo del Parco. We will give you an identification badge to take advantage of the various discounts ...

The hotels and restaurants that have so far been affiliated with a 10% discount (contact us to get the Salone Umorismo discount code) are the following:


VILLA MIKI Via Lagazzi, 14, 18012 Bordighera | TEL. 0184 550306 |
VILLA ELISA Via Romana, 70 - Bordighera (IM) Tel. +39 0184 261313 |
HOTEL PARIS Lungomare Argentina, 16/18 - 18012 Bordighera (IM) - Tel. +39 0184 261405 /
HOTEL GOLD Via Cesare Balbo, Bordighera - 18012 (IM) /

MAOMA (restaurant and bathrooms) Lungomare Argentina 11, Bordighera / Tel .: 0184 265382http: //
Chez Louis Corso Italia, 30 18012 Bordighera (IM) -
La Cicala Via Lunga, 16 18012 Bordighera /
Bagni Caranca (restaurant and bathrooms) Lungo Mare Argentina 1 Bordighera Tel: (+39) 0184 26 12 92

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Salone Internazionale dell'Umorismo

The event could not have lasted for over fifty years without the contribution of numerous "volunteers" and "precepts" who brought enthusiasm and desire to do whatever the task received, with nineteenth-century shifts! From the choice of the drawings, to the preparation of the panels (always the same every year), to the posting with various pins of the hundreds of drawings up to the presence on stage.

We therefore want to thank, in absolutely no order but with equal contributions, all those who come to mind, apologizing if we miss some, but we are ready to fix it!

Sponsors: Agnesi, Olio Calvi, Olio Carli, Pallanca, Martini & Rossi, Atkinsons, Seat - Pagine Gialle, Fiat, Citizen, La Stampa, Radio Montecarlo, etc.

The accommodation activities, Chez Louis, Bar GP, La Vecchia, Mino du Re Dolceacqua, Terme di Pigna, Ristorante Cacciatori Imperia, Hotel Michelin,

Presenters: Luisella Berrino, Cesare Viazzi, Roberto Basso (Rama di Palma d'Oro 1985)

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