39th Edition of the International Exhibition of Humor


  • A 'fanciful theme ", so it was defined in the competition announcement sent to all humorists that year. And fanciful was, as Serguei Goizauskas,  Argentina / France, sees an obsession in the human face or Alexandar Klas, Serbia,  where the executioner looks pleased with the work done ...

    Serguei Goizauskas, Argentina / France, is awarded the Palma d'Oro; Sergei Tunin, Russia, wins the Dattero d'Oro for the Fixed Theme and Jiri Sliva designs the poster. We note that Serguei Goizauskas is the satirical designer of "Le Monde" and the newspaper does not fail to highlight the event in its pages.

    Maurizio Costanzo wins the Palma d'Oro for humorous literature with "The rest is life". The presence of the author at the award ceremony attracted the attention of the media and the large audience to celebrate also the comedians of the Loano Cabaret Festival. The Giuseppe Balbo Academy in Bordighera organizes the Bordiquadro, a 320-meter-long roll of scenic paper on which everyone can paint whatever they like: an event that fits well into the week of the Salone.

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The Awards

The Salone recognizes the artistic qualities of the participants in drawing and literature with several awards. Some prestigious institutions have wanted to add their patronage such as the Council of Europe, the Presidency of the Republic, the City of Bordighera and various other regional bodies and private foundations. The main prizes that are awarded by juries of outstanding personalities are the Palma d'Oro trophy which represents the highest recognition for the Authors, the Dattero d'Oro and the Dattero d'Argento.

The drawings

Books of the year

  • 1986 Costanzo Letteratura umoristica
  • 1986 Valentino Letteratura umoristica
  • 1986 Frassica Letteratura umoristica
  • 1986 Metz Letteratura illustrata
  • 1986 Castoldi Letteratura ragazzi
  • 1986 Ziliotto Humour Comics
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    Salone Internazionale dell'Umorismo

    The event could not have lasted for over fifty years without the contribution of numerous "volunteers" and "precepts" who brought enthusiasm and desire to do whatever the task received, with nineteenth-century shifts! From the choice of the drawings, to the preparation of the panels (always the same every year), to the posting with various pins of the hundreds of drawings up to the presence on stage.

    We therefore want to thank, in absolutely no order but with equal contributions, all those who come to mind, apologizing if we miss some, but we are ready to fix it!

    Sponsors: Agnesi, Olio Calvi, Olio Carli, Pallanca, Martini & Rossi, Atkinsons, Seat - Pagine Gialle, Fiat, Citizen, La Stampa, Radio Montecarlo, etc.

    The accommodation activities, Chez Louis, Bar GP, La Vecchia, Mino du Re Dolceacqua, Terme di Pigna, Ristorante Cacciatori Imperia, Hotel Michelin,

    Presenters: Luisella Berrino, Cesare Viazzi, Roberto Basso (Rama di Palma d'Oro 1985)

    The employees of the Autonomous Tourist Board and of the Municipality of Bordighera